Advisory Board


  • With our Advisory Board we seek intelligent challenges, driven by thorough industry expertise and non-binding but informed direction outside our Firm.
  • Rochester Advisory Board is both strategic and operational.
  • We often involve our Board Members in our searches, to fine-tune the job spec and profiles, and to cross check with them the best contemporary search strategy in the context of a dynamic and evolving world.


  • The Advisory Board is composed of Senior Executives with prominent track records in their own areas of expertise. Their informed guidance on the evolution of our core industries is underpinning the achievement of our strategic objectives across:
    • Financial Services,
    • Life Science,
    • Energy,
    • Fashion/Retail,
    • TMT,
    • Digital
  • They all provide us with distinctive knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking related to their specific areas of expertise.


  • They offer us high-quality advice
    Together with their networks in their core industry competencies, as well as non-biased information and advice, they represent a continuous source of new ideas, management counsel and business development.
  • They augment and improve the bandwidth of our senior management team
    They enhance the role of the Rochester Management Team and represent a sounding board on new ideas in the current everchanging world, and act as a filter between ideas and actions in our day-by-day executive search and assessment activities.

    • They give us contemporary background knowledge
      We can speed up our work and be better effective in achieving the result
    • They support us with their first hand experience
      We are inspired by their suggestions from the industrial world
    • They broaden our understanding within their core businesses
      We get unbiased insights on market and industry trends, and ideas from a third party perspective
    • They encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas
      We can generate new business development opportunities, augmenting the effectiveness, and extend the “bandwidth”
    • They generate a constructive debate
      We continuously improve the way we manage our executive search and assessment business