Our vision


There is a reason why we want to talk to you about our business model
The world has moved on quickly, where information and content is freely accessible
We had thought that access to data was key, and digital was not an option
A new trend was discernible, we had to change from the status quo …
… and combine our ongoing relationships with a different and innovative way to accessing the market


  • We spent time re-thinking our “go-to-market” approach
  • We invested time on the selection of a platform to accelerate the acquisition of data, both of qualified content and people; and we have combined this with our original capabilities and set of relationships
  • We learned how to work in a different way and to develop a new methodology, beyond old “research standards”
  • This generated a re-thinking of our “go-to-market”: method comes first ….
  • …. And soon after a re-thinking of our organisation
The Business Model


A quicker access to a broader range of information, through a new generation IT platform

  • It can aggregate multiple channels and data into one integrated platform – in this “many-to-one” approach, headhunting is one of these channels, no longer the only one
  • It can systematically generate a wider range of information – we are forced to think further afield
  • It widens our relationships and knowledge and provides a broader market potential – we have to think laterally
  • It does it quickly – we know that time is crucial
  • It is geographically neutral – no matter where people are, we get to identify them
  • Results are incomparable

A quicker access to market dynamics and trends

  • We spend time in studying key business pillars, sector dynamics, new trends – we get in depth insight and can bring qualified results to clients
  • We do it through qualified documents, analytics reports, consulting whitepapers, market and equity research
  • We engage in discussion and receive advice from our Advisory Board
  • We do it within stringent time limits

The break-down of geographical barriers

  • The drive is no longer “by country, by sector”
  • In an integrated world, the drive has to be “by client, by need”

Close contiguity to the Client

  • The closeness with the client guarantees that the process is driven in a consistent and systematic way, regardless of its geographical scope – a Key Client focus
  • We have years of experience in running international projects
Our Results

This business model has proved that it can guarantee consistency and best execution, across a wide range of international assignments.
We have been and are Partner to Clients in all life cycle situations, supporting them in their international and local activities, including start-ups, internationalisation, restructuring, assessments and benchmarking.

Look at our selected projects list.

A story learnt

There is no such thing as an idea, which starts engaging you.
Questioning the status quo is not easy, but ultimately reflected in a different experience for our clients.
We are sure that new customer behaviours and needs will make us evolve further.
Thank you. Our promise is: we are engaged do it, with you.