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Career Counselling

We aim at working to help Clients create organizations where leadership is a state of mind, and where an effective trait of leadership can play a key role in advancing people and business towards a steady, responsible growth.

Human capital and people potential are the foundations of the value creation and are decisive for any business goal. In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, it is vital to identify, nurture and develop talent throughout their careers.

Our Human Capital Advisory Services have evolved to provide assessment and consulting solutions to address these business challenges. A highly-tailored approach, rooted on the combination of a transparent leadership model (Rochester Certified Competency model) with a based-in-science assessment methodology, to predict behaviors and – through behavior – predict performances. It consists of two Services: 1) Executive Assessment and Development, and 2) Counselling.

Our Career Counselling Solutions are designed to assist individuals with career planning, transitions, or shifts.

In many professional situations a Counselling path is required to encourage and support self-perception and self-determination through the use of assessment methodologies and active listening. Application fields can include:

  • Personal and professional development
  • Career development strategy
  • Cross-functional shifts (best fit) within an organisation
  • Career transitions (up or out)
  • Outplacement

These pathways are all structured around a series of fast-paced individual meetings designed to validate and enhance participants’ individual employability and professional value, either within the internal organisation or on the external labour market. The final outcome is achieved by exploring motivation and values, increasing self-awareness and confidence, assessing skills and personality and providing professionals with an effective and adaptable toolkit.

Likewise for the Executive Assessment, our Career Advice methodology combines Rochester Competency Model with Hogan personality tests to provide an objective perspective of each participant.


Phase 1 - Week

1.1 Welcome session: Mutual presentation & sharing project goals, phases, and timing. Emotional support provided, where needed.  

1.2 Active listening - Check of motivations, needs and expectations.


Phase 2 - Week

2.1 Competences assessment - Structured interviews based on Rochester Competence Model

2.2 Personality assessment  - HOGAN tests submission (optional)

2.3 Feed back session - Return of ‘Reputation’ vs. ‘Identity’ (only if 2.2. in the pathway)


Phase 3 - Week

3.1 From CV to Qualified CV

3.2 LinkedIn profile, with meaningful highlights

3.3 Elevator Pitch, to address true and fair Key Selling Points


Phase 4 - Week

4.1 Action Plan - Project development to target new job opportunities

4.2 Fake interview session - Hiring interview simulation(s) with feedback and ‘tips & tricks’

4.3 On boarding support - Advice session on how to face the first weeks in the new job*

Our Career Counselling Service has obtained the Quality System Certification ISO-9001, by DNV.


As part of our comprehensive Career Counselling Solutions, Outplacement is an available option.

Our distinctive signature in this field is our highly customized approach, where the goal is not volumes but value creation. Proper Outplacement’s objectives are achieved through a joint effort counsellor-counsellee, that has different weights and intensities depending on the specific counsellee’s aspirations, needs and gaps.

We are also conscious of the tangible value that Outplacement advice can provide to individuals who are navigating this critical phase in their career, especially if they have been unemployed for several months. Therefore, on top of our Clients’ commitments, we decided to contribute to Active Labor Policies (Politiche Attive del Lavoro) with our Senior Counsellors.

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We are Member of AISO (Associazione Italiana Società di Outplacement).

Our Career Counselling Service has obtained the Quality System Certification ISO-9001, by DNV.