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Chief Executive Officer

Business case

Chief Executive Officer



The Client was a private Technology Company, backed by a leading international Private Equity. They did business in 20+ countries, with clear leadership in Italy within the Energy, Oil&Gas, Utilities, Telco and Transportation space.

Offices in Italy and abroad, within a double-digit growing market (+16% CAGR 2019-2024), where they were positioned with distinctive proprietary products. Their customer base was long dated and stable and continue grow after 20 years.

Growth plans have been approved and required multiple initiatives in the light of a transformation to enable the company to become a truly global player, with a distinctive product range. In this context, they needed the new Chief Executive Officer.


The new CEO had to be a leader who could 1) start the new company life cycle with knowledge and vision of the possible evolution of the specific (SaaS) technology, 2) redesign the organisation and elevate the team to drive the new ambitions with direction, focus and different thinking, 3) design a new product roadmap with an energised team, 4) stabilise results and then drive growth.


The search was clearly aimed at senior candidates with track record and experience abroad, and with specific focus on the USA market, where SaaS developed its origins. The search took several sub-streams to find Italians abroad who were willing to return; or Italians who had already returned bringing across a relevant experience abroad.

We were also able to rely on relevant sourcing from people in the technology space, who had previously been contacted either for referencing or for other mandates, adding value to the search.

In the end, we were able to identify a Senior VP, one of the top 5 Executives of a major US technology company, who matched all ambitions.


The new CEO, although Italian, had on one side to re-adapt to the Italian working environment after a life spent in the US, while at the same time bringing the value of an international mindset; he took on the challenge of transforming the company into a distinctive international player that delivers value. The process of onboarding a Senior Executive from the US involved several steps and people to make it happen smoothly.

At the heart of the new strategy is product development, rooted in one of the most advanced technological fields, and supported by solid operational processes.

A newly formed team around the CEO is implementing the plan and sustaining the new course of action.

The CEO had since his early days strong exposure to the PE Fund, which invited him on board as a Senior Advisor.