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Executive Assessment & Development

We aim at working to help Clients create organizations where leadership is a state of mind, and where an effective trait of leadership can play a key role in advancing people and business towards a steady, responsible growth.

Human capital and people potential are the foundations of the value creation and are decisive for any business goal. In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, it is vital to identify, nurture and develop talent throughout their careers.

Our Human Capital Advisory Services have evolved to provide assessment and consulting solutions to address these business challenges. A highly-tailored approach, rooted on the combination of a transparent leadership model (Rochester Certified Competency model) with a based-in-science assessment methodology, to predict behaviors and – through behavior – predict performances. It consists of two Services: 1) Executive Assessment and Development, and 2) Counselling.

Our Executive Assessment & Development Services map and value the Human Capital. 

Various levels of customisation enable stakeholders and company’s boards to meet their organizational needs more efficiently: from individual assessments, to succession planning dossiers or the best team mix.

The Executive Assessment is a combination of a structured interview based on our Competency Model and Hogan personality tests.

The result of an assessment is surprisingly rich, both for the individual and for the organisation. It zooms in and out on several types of personality dimensions, captures the nuances of leadership, identifies the risks, the drivers of motivation, the values of reference. All in all, the assessment strengthens the decisions by rooting them in elements that would not otherwise be captured.

Our Executive Assessment & Development Service has obtained the Quality System Certification ISO-9001, by DNV.


Alignment to stakeholders


Project Design
  1. Values, strategic challenges and related organizational needs
  2. Role(s), complexity and key requirements
  3. Significant competences and expected behaviours

Job & Leadership fit


1:1 Assessment


  1. Structured interviews based on Rochester Competence Model


  2. Hogan Personality Tests    online to predict behaviors and map motivation and values.
  3. 360° Thorough reference check [recommended yet optional]

Individual Assessment


Outcomes to Customer 


  1. Executive Summary
    of key outcomes, findings and recommendations as result of the overall assessment exercise. 
  2. Assessments Report  individual outcomes, insights and remarks vs given challenges for a better fit.

& Guidelines


Constructive response


About two hours 1:1 feedback meetings with a Hogan certified consultant to discuss:

  1. In depth Hogan test  reports and insights
  2. Motivation, personal commitments and new challenges

Development Plans

We have decided to use Hogan personality-based tests as a reference in our Assessment solutions, because Hogan tests are based on strong analytics and provide predictive measurement of potential on a broad range of leadership competencies. Hogan is the most representative norm of the global workforce. Assessments prove to be relevant in a number of situations, where decision is critical. There is no “one-fits-all approach”. Listening and mastering Client values, understanding cultural fit and organization needs are the premises for any project. Application fields can include:
  • Validating the final candidates of an Executive Search process
  • Organisation development
  • Next leadership generation
  • Career evolution, retention, succession planning
  • Screening in / Screening out
We are inspired by and certified by HOGAN