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Executive Search

The Executive Search is all about a mix of attention to people, communication dynamics, strong method and engaging direction.

The Executive Search is where we started, and where we have intentionally evolved across the years.

Our goal was – and is – to be able to face challenges and complexities along with our Clients and stay competitive, and contemporary.

Ever since, we have invested in method and tools, to give Clients what we promise, consistently with our values and theirs.

Our promise is in our purpose: we discover leaders and we elevate leaders.

Let us tell you how:

  • we have velocity and multi-sourcing approach in the market access;
  • we have ability and sources to build up knowledge and insights;
  • we can think differently;
  • we have stringent approach in the way we build up executive papers and we discuss the why – the what – and – the how, with both candidates and Clients;
  • we engineer the process across templates and qualified questions to narrow the focus;
  • we present structured comparison reports, to identify the fit and close the project.

Leadership is ultimately the main trait we seek into people.

When we say “leadership”, we do not think of it as an attribute confined to the C-suite: it exists at all levels, from executive down, no matter sectors nor functions.

This is where we are at our best: in the identification of candidates who have the “right fit” for transformational challenges.  These can be at different stages of our Client life cycle, for global and local projects, for new strategic initiatives and on paths of growth, internationalization, change of control or leadership, and restructuring.

Although we do not focus on middle management profiles, we help anyhow our Clients discovering these talents: they are “strategic” in their whole organisation, to enable the execution of strategic goals.

We strongly recommend that our Executive Search process is complemented by an Executive Assessment, usually carried out on the final two candidates by an independent senior Partner who was not involved in the earlier search process.

The leadership criteria that underpin the search are essentially the same as those that underpin the Executive Assessment, providing the Client with a consistent and thorough view, zooming on personality and reputation, behaviors and performances.

Please see our Executive Assessment Service section for more information.

As a team, we all work consistently through method and nuance. Therefore, we felt ready to go one step further and decided to prove our method through an independent certification process.

Our Executive Search Service has obtained the Quality System Certification ISO-9001, by DNV.