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Career Counselling, Strategy Consulting

Business case

Career Counselling

Strategy Consulting


Our Client was a global business strategy consultancy.

Their mission of the Client is to partner with leaders in business and society to address their most critical challenges and seize their greatest opportunities. Renowned for their in-depth industry and functional expertise, most of their clients are among the world’s 500 largest companies.

They bring together highly skilled consultants and seek out top-class talent to deliver integrated solutions through cutting-edge management consulting, technology and design, and corporate and digital ventures.


The well-established “Up or Out” resource management model, although effective in these consultant contexts, requires continuous attention to remain balanced without adverse effects. It is important to sustain a strong positive sense of belonging to the brand even when no longer internal growth prospects are at an individual’s disposal.

They have identified a need to further assist Partners, who have reached the top of their internal career ladder, in becoming more conscious of their employability out in the market to facilitate a more rapid transition.


We offered a comprehensive set of individual Career Counselling services, which are based on personality assessment and led by our certified Counsellors, who bring insights, experience and competence.

In-depth discussions with each Partner were planned, to talk over personal motivation, ‘Reputation’ and leadership style, to increase self-awareness and boost confidence in repositioning outside the firm.


A rewarding learning path that is suitable at all levels and seniorities for those with high career aspirations.

In the course of the counselling projects, participants have become aware of reputation and motivation as valuable assets that can be leveraged to drive business success. They have been guided to look at themselves from a different perspective through the assessment phases, and to pitch themselves on the market leveraging on a newly shaped elevator pitch, where the relevant elements were fairly represented.

The objective of each single development project was to define an efficient and consistent strategy that matched motivation, values and ambitions with personal competences and value creation. All steps were designed to address and target a specific and relevant labour market segment, that would guarantee professional satisfaction, taking into account the framework and potential constraints.

The participants also benefit from the valuable brand Alumni Network, which we encourage to use after having ensured that the personal profile, the elevator pitch and personal storytelling have been consistently strengthened.

An additional value was provided to some of the participants in discussing some concrete options on the market, and helping them in order to position their speech in order to maximize the offer conditions.