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Head of Internal Communication

Job description

Group Chief Financial Officer

The Client:

Our Client is a large private industrial group, with over 50+ years’ history, HQ in Italy, business in Italy and abroad.

They operate in a profitable and not yet mature market, that is growing with a +7% estimated CAGR, in the next four years.

They are Italian leader in their space and develop on ongoing basis a vast line of products. With a global turnover in excess of 800M€ and some manufacturing plants in Italy, they have international / global presence in 60+ countries, with about 2000+ FTE. They operate on the base of best technologies of the market, and have constantly invested in R&D.

They are now facing a new cycle, supported by a Top tier PE Fund, that is launching the next phase with organic and acquisitive growth strategy. While on one side the transformation will encompass multiple streams and multifunctional projects, they need on the other to onboard the resources to enable this ambition.

Position – The role:

In this context, the new role of Head of Internal Communication (HIC) will be strategic to address and lead the development and execution of internal and external communication strategy, to align information and support thought leadership. External communication will have a limited scope.

The new role will report to the Chief HR Officer, will work closely with all functions within HR, and will have exposure to both senior leaders and key stakeholders. One resource to manage.

Position – Critical priorities: In 1 year success will be:

  • Ensure the foundation of internal communication as a clear, consistent function, aligned with corporate values, while being compelling.
  • Contribute to build up the external communication, to sustain business evolution in line with strategic objectives

Position – Specific responsibilities:

Develop the internal and executive communication strategy that aligns with company goals: this will imply consistency of 1) internal and executive messaging with the company’s purpose, culture and market positioning, as well as 2) external communication messaging for all messages related to people, people engagement, social media and partnerships.

  • Execute communication strategy by enabling an integrated plan across media, instruments, and the whole ecosystem
  • An employment value proposition and brand strategy focusing on purpose, value and culture
  • A close relationship with senior leaders across the organization, advising them regularly and ensuring that all internal communication is aligned with business objectives, involves people at all levels and supports company’s values, along with a cultural transformation journey
  • Support leadership and company meetings: Organize and facilitate employee engagementactivities, through company meetings, workshops and surveys. Provide surveys follow ups, with all related initiatives.

Manage crisis communications, developing proper plans, and delivering timely updates to all employees; ensure organisation perception and reputation and managed with utmost consistency.

  • Manage the internal communications channels: develop and maintain the company content calendar, with timely and relevant content; support the development and maintenance of the company intranet newsletters, storyboards, presentations.

This will be rooted on trusted relationships across different functions, to ensure communication is mirroring the right nuances and corresponds to business priorities.

  • Align internal communication and make it consistent with external communication messages
    • Build a media plan to act proactively and/or to react consistently
    • Map and propose a panel of social media and other channels, to position the group attractively.
    • Define external partnerships to develop employer branding and attraction initiatives
  • Write content and manage events: Develop and author a variety of internal and executive communications, including presentations, announcements, newsletters and blog posts and strengthen company culture.

Manage internal events and other initiatives to promote employee engagement and strengthen the company culture

  • Measure success: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks, set goals, and measure the success of internal communications initiatives.


  • Academic background: MSc in Journalism, or Marketing as a preference.
  • Track record of 10-15 years in structured organisations, and in relevant internal or corporate communication roles that include experience with content creation and execution of strategic communication plans, across different media
  • Project Management skills, to develop a communication culture from its the foundations, with all relevant plans and initiatives.

Strong attention to quality and detail; unafraid to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and under pressure, with can-do mindset.

  • Proven capabilities to support and train the management in the appropriate management of internal communication towards employees, with the help of other HR functions. Orientation to serve, and deliver with maturity, to demanding internal client
  • At ease with technology and digital tools, to provide contemporary effective approach to communication

Key skills include:

  • Strategic thinker, with excellent critical thinking and problem solving attitude.

This will reflect in compelling writing, editing and proofreading skills, to address messages across different audience and different channels. Speaking skills, to give presentations to staff, adding a personal touch and the appropriate sensitivity to connect goals to people.

  • Able to adapt communication to the audience, educating people on one side, and overcoming resistances on the other.
  • Interpersonal skills to build strong, collaborative relationships within the whole HR function, as well as across the organisation, at different levels. Possess the confidence to relate with Executives and to address messages and presentations to their audience.

Languages: Full proficiency in spoken and written Italian and English is a must.

Location: North of Italy, with agile approach to work.