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Business case




An industrial player of strategic relevance, and revenues in excess of 1Bn€.

Its strategic plan consisted of a number of initiatives designed to support growth and break with the past. The new leadership joined with the aim of leading a transformation to reposition the group as a key player in the industrial/energy sector while remaining a driving force in the local community.


  • Ensure production progression and consistent revenues targets
  • Internalisation of outsourced activities to maximize internal capacity, and ensure positive impact with Unions
  • Optimization goals to gain competitive advantage and mitigate risks


Search focus was on a round leader with a life spent in industrial plants, able to dominate and enhance the industrial environment and:

  1. Deliver impact in driving operational excellence, in a highly complex environment, with multiple Bn€ projects in pipeline and a legacy of past resistance at all levels
  2. Ensure increase in volumes, while recovering competitiveness through efficiency actions
  3. Rethink and implement industrial processes

The Executive Search mandate was combined with an Executive Assessment process, on the final two candidates.

The Assessment was designed to be highly bespoke and in line with the search criteria and brief, and was conducted by Rochester using a combination of qualified interviews and psychometric tests.


The perspective on leadership traits provided by the combination of Executive Search and Assessment processes helped the Client to form a qualified opinion and provided valuable insights to make informed decisions.

The choice was for an effective leader, able to rethink and implement industrial processes – practices – metrics, yet with the necessary ad hoc / design requirements; and work close to the Executive team, involving all functions.