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Market Intelligence

Our Market Intelligence Service is highly flexible and provides in depth, tailor-made reports on what the Client needs to dig deeper, thus providing a value proposition with respect to an external benchmark.


This defines the strategy and the framework of the intelligence, which necessarily combines a mix of independent research capabilities, lateral thinking capabilities, and a network of qualified trusted sources to grant that information provided is checked, and significant.


The intelligence often implies high degree of confidentiality, and the outcome – either qualitative or quantitative or both – is presented within a confidential Executive Report, designed according to Client needs. It contains the result of the investigation, enriched by additional notes to either highlight data consistencies, or to emphasize specific datapoints, qualitative add-ons, and analytics.

Our track record of Market Intelligence is wide, and includes a variety of topics, as for example:

  • compensation structures across specific targets;
  • benefit structures;
  • organisation structures;
  • overview of specific functions in specific market niches, or
  • specific mix of skills across a defined population.

Our Market Intelligence Service has obtained the Quality System Certification ISO-9001, by DNV

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