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MD Global Head Loan Syndications

Business case

MD Global Head Loan Syndications

Financial Services


The mandate aimed to identify the new Managing Director, Global Head of Loan Syndication of a Leading Domestic Banking Group, to be based in the London branch and reporting hierarchically to the General Manager London and functionally to the Global Head of Structured Finance in the Italian Head Office.

The goal of the role was to set up and implement the ‘originate to distribute’ model for the Loan Market in line with the Asset Light strategy defined in the Group Business Plan. Manage the syndication process of loans from initial underwriting to successful distribution to a broad base of Investors.


The challenge was to identify and engage an Italian-speaking Senior Banker with 1) solid technical knowledge of the Loan Syndication and Structured Finance market, 2) proven industry reputation in structuring, sales and syndication and 3) extensive network relationships in the international market (not just domestic) with access to senior decision makers in primary Banks and Institutional Investors.


Given the limited and very specific market space, we set up a project delivery in close collaboration with the client, starting from a detailed mapping of all Syndication teams among main European competitors. Having identified all Italian-speaking bankers in this perimeter, we conducted a qualified discussion with the Client on potential candidates to engage, according to our market understanding and Client’s knowledge.

This work has been extended in parallel within lateral candidates from the European Structured Finance space (Leveraged Finance and Loan in particular) and with a sound international network among investors (banks and PE).

Detailed Executive Summaries were shared with the Client on a regular basis to drive all weekly discussions on potential new hunting targets and candidates.


The new Global Head of Loan Syndication was selected by the Client among a restricted yet very solid short-list.

The client appreciated our dedication and partnership approach in addressing a best-in-class execution, enriched by lateral ideas, and supported strong opinions.

Velocity was another key factor of the project success.