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About us


We discover and elevate leaders to advance responsible growth

The purpose of Rochester is to discover and elevate both executives and talents to the right fit, to enable a responsible growth through a transformative leadership mindset, at all levels: this will enhance business, foster innovation, and inspire people and  organization.

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Purpose & values

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SCRAPES, Daniele Alletto, 2006-2014

Daniele Alletto is a friend of some of us. One day we saw some of his photographs of peeling walls [SCRAPES, 2006-2014]: photographs full of light, walls full of colour and charm, in their imperfection.

They are walls that were photographed in the summer, in Linosa. They are details, fragments, images, doors and windows, geometric surfaces on which the eye can move freely, going beyond physical limits and feeling the sense of freedom and strength that the scribbles, deposited over time, are able to convey. It is like a kind of experience, with layers and layers of progressive evolution.

These photos have become paintings. We have chosen them to fill one wall, and then another, and then another, in our offices in Milan.

This imperfection speaks to us: it also speaks to us of a “departure from something”, of an “evolution towards something”, of a possible progression and of the value, not taken for granted, of a unique unquestionable beauty, all to be discovered. 

For the second time, we have chosen these artworks as the visual “fil-rouge” of our new brand identity and as the backdrop for our storytelling. When it speaks of ‘purpose’, it speaks of ‘elevating people’: a philosophy of life that also speaks of us.