Executive search

It’s important to share with you the way we do things.
This is what you can expect from all of us.

The Executive Search is all to do with a mix of attention to people, communication dynamics, strong method and engaging direction. This results in:

  • High discretion across the whole process
  • Natural proactive style
  • Accurate understanding of the client: we reflect its style and culture in all search phases
  • Unique method, which generates the right blend of:
    • Strong research capabilities across several markets & coverage of the “last mile”
    • Access to senior sources
    • Rigorous cross border reach and breakdown of geographical barriers
    • Stringent team approach from initiation of assignments to fasten a successful completion
    • Rigorous candidate qualification process
    • Detailed follow up during the client / candidate introduction process
    • Advisory support during the candidate offer stage & candidate closing process
  • Final short listed candidates are further validated throughout a formal reference check, which is conducted with the same competency based interview model used in our Executive Assessment. The range of skills and competences to be validated are previously shared with the client.
Executive assessment

Rochester Executive Assessment is based on our Proprietary Competence Model.
It is structured on 5 criteria and additional sub-criteria, rooted on scientific outcomes from Harvard Business School (Behavioural Sciences and Performance Oriented Competence Model).
It is sector neutral, tailor made, and designed to face a number of different situations, in line with client needs.

The validity of the process is ensured by the combination of the following milestones:

  • Understanding of company key values and culture: this is paramount to share current strategic objectives and challenges
  • Definition of the core competences to be addressed, in the context of the company lifecycle and strategic positioning
  • Individual design
  • Senior to Senior Principle to drive interviews
  • Thorough reference taking (360)
  • Psychometric tests
  • Constructive Feedback
Market intelligence & organization consulting

Rochester provides in depth detailed reports on

  • compensation structures and
  • organization benchmarks,

either as a consequence of a search development, or as a specific answer to a client need.
We tailor results according to an identified list of consistent targets, which are preliminary agreed with the client, and can be compared to the client internal benchmark in confidential management reports.

We provide consulting services related to best in class organisational models and governance, to have an effective and integrated team working towards the same direction: sharing ambitions, towards their goal.